* Click on the button above and take a picture of the LizenUp tag to hear the audio on it


LizenUp can be used to Record and share your opinions, comments and stories. When others see the tag and tap on it, they get to listen to your audio.

Individuals currently are using LizenUp for:

  • Artists: Record stories and description of your art in your own voice and it's preserved along with you art work

  • Photo Frames/Albums: Record voice memos and attach them to any of your photo albums, memorabilia, curio items, art and preserve personal stories

  • Children's Books: Turn books into audio books with your own voice and let your children and grand children enjoy them

  • Gifts: Send personalized audio messages along with your gifts

You can use LizenUp in many other ways, let your imagination run wild. Let's get started.


LizenUp can be used by any type of business. Think of LizenUp as QR codes on steroids. LizenUp tags support both QR Codes and NFC (Near Field Communications), and geared specifically to deliver audio content. Combined with LizenUp app on the smartphones, businesses can deliver any type of content in audio format to increase customer engagement. In addition, customers can directly record and send their feedback/comments/suggestions to businesses in their own voice.

Some of the areas that LizenUp is being currently used in are:

  • Museums: to provide audio guides any artifact or artwork in multiple languages

  • Realtors: to provide property tours and specific information about history and furnishings etc.

  • Wine Stores: to provide description and advise on selected wines

  • Event organizers: to provide dynamic audio guides at events and to collect feedback in visitor's own voice

We offer a private cloud to store and deliver audio directly to consumers. Businesses can analyze detailed engagement metrics to improve their customer service. Let's get started


City Governments of any size can use LizenUp to deliver information to its citizens via audio.

  • Public Artwork: Audio Information can be on linked to public artwork, and feedback and opinions can be collected in voice format

  • Smart Signs: Signage around the city that can provide up-to-minute information on transportation, weather, emergency alerts etc.

  • Interactive Billboards: Capture and deliver sounds of the city

  • Street furniture that communicate: Build cohesive urban communities and encourage interactions with the city and its people thru inanimate objects such as lamp posts, benches, drains, post boxes etc.

We offer a cloud based storage to deliver audio to citizens and visitors. Governments get detailed metrics to analyze and streamline their operations and encourage public engagement. Let's get started