LizenUp is a cloud based audio platform to discover and share stories about any artifact or an object or a place in the world. The content is sourced from existing publishers, and the community and is curated. Anyone, be it a museum curator or a passionate local can affix a LizenUp tag on any object and also take a picture and start recording their stories. Stories provide the context and meaning to the world around us. Be it the pyramids of Giza or an artwork in your local museum or a wall in your neighborhood, everything has a story to tell.

LizenUp provides you with a platform to tell your story and it connects the story to the object and is ready to be discovered by anyone who sees the LizenUp tag and scans it or takes a picture of that artifact, furthermore, you can even generate revenue from your stories.

For visitors, experiencing the world through another person's perspective adds a layer of invisible knowledge to your adventures to make them all the more fulfilling.

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Bhaskar Gandavabi, Founder & CEO

    He has twenty years of Experience in implementing large scale enterprise applications. This is his third  startup


Arvind Chandran, CFO

Aravind is MBA graduate from Wharton School of Business. He has fifteen years of Wall Street investment banking & finance experience



Kalyan Madala, VP of Engineering

Kalyan is an experiences solution architect with eleven years of experience in Media, Insurance and Pharmaceutical industries



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